Dynamic Product Ads

  • Promote Every Product

    A/B testing is so 2012. Now you can create ads out of every product, and show them to exactly the right audience.

  • Dynamic Ad Creation

    Use product attributes like price, description, and discounts in your ads – dynamically auto-generated for each product.

  • Dynamic Targeting

    Our dynamic keyword engine helps refine targeting to the product level using product attributes like brand and location.

  • Bid Optimization

    Our bid engine will optimize for conversions at the product level for each specific audience target.

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About SocialWire

Company Overview

SocialWire is unlocking a multi-billion dollar opportunity by making social advertising as easy to buy and as profitable as Google AdWords. Our clients include some of the world's biggest retailers and ecommerce companies who use SocialWire to generate more scalable and evergreen revenue from their social ad campaigns. Effective advertising on social platforms requires precise matching of products to niche audience targets - but scale is only achievable with automation. SocialWire's award winning product automates this process by aligning first party data from our clients with data signals from social API's.

SocialWire is based in San Francisco, and funded by First Round Capital, SoftTech VC, 500 Startups and others.

  • “SocialWire's ability to automate ad creation is a great fit for our highly dynamic inventory model. Their team also has many interesting ideas as well as an impressive grasp of our business”

    Jim Kingsbury, VP of Marketing at One Kings Lane

  • Bob Buch

    Bob Buch

    Chief Executive Officer

    Former VP of Business Development at Digg and AOL. Creator of Digg Ads.

  • Ryo Chijiiwa

    Ryo Chijiiwa

    Chief Technology Officer

    Former Tech Lead and Hacker at Google and Yahoo.

  • Jose Reyes

    Jose Reyes

    Director of Product

    Former product lead in data driven mobile ads platform at Jumptap.

  • Kristen Brun

    Kristen Brun

    Director of Client Services

    Led ad operational SEM efforts for WIlliams-Sonoma properties at iCrossing.

  • Rob Hayes

    Rob Hayes

    Director of the Board

    Managing Partner at First Round Capital.

  • Peter Horan

    Peter Horan

    Board Member

    Founder Horan MediaTech Advisor. Advisor at Answers.com & former CEO at IAC Media.

Our Advisors:
  • A. Poler

    Ariel Poler

    Serial Entrepreneur (I/PRO, Topica & TextMarks) and Investor

  • J. Hendler

    Dr. James Hendler

    Originator of Semantic Web

  • T. Pollak

    Don Hutchison

    Angel Investor & Board Member at Marin Software.

Our investors:

  1. First Round Capital
  2. 500 Startups
  3. Softtech VC

Join SocialWire

We're looking for hackers of code, design and marketing to join us and change the face of advertising. We offer competitive salaries, equity and benefits.

Full-Stack Engineer

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  • Full-stack Engineer

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    Online ads suck. But advertising keeps the web free (as in beer), and we want to keep the internet free. So rather than hating on advertising, we decided to do something about it.

    At SocialWire, we are taking a new approach to advertising: building a recommendation engine for ads. Our system generates product-level ads and hyper-targets them to exactly the right audience. We do this at scale and automatically across a retailer's entire catalog. We want our ads to be so good that people discover interesting products through them, and find them to actually be useful.

    We're looking for a full-stack engineer to join our small and talented team. As a full-stack engineer, you'll have the opportunity to work on all aspects of our product, from backend Python services to slick dashboard features in JavaScript. A day might start by kicking off map-reduce jobs, take a slight detour to brush up on NLP or machine learning techniques, a dive into our distributed ad engine, then once your clever new hack is pushed to production, end with a glass of Pliney and a game of pool. We move fast, with most features taking hours to a few days at most before they're live on production. We push early and often. We ask tough questions. We get shit done.

    You should be self-motivated, self-directed, and excited about solving hard problems. You will have a lot of autonomy in everything from the tools, languages and frameworks you use, to even the problems you want to be solving on a day-to-day basis. You'll need a decent sense of how to balance speed and quality, order and chaos, and be comfortable without hard rules (though we do have code reviews). If you can thrive in this kind of environment, everything else, from your educational history to the color of your favorite socks, is secondary.

    Last, but not least, as a SocialWire engineer, you will enjoy all the standard perks: hardware of your choice, flexibility in your workstation setup (some of us like standing desks), copious snacks and beverages in the office, free meals, great health/dental/medical plans, free gym membership, 20 PTO days a year, stock options, and the privilege of occasionally cuddling with our office dogs. We are located in the Potrero neighborhood of San Francisco in a sunlit office space with a lounge area fully equipped with comfy couches, cushions, a ginormous TV, and an XBox. We also have a pool table named Marta.

    So if the thought of keeping the internet free and solving lots of complex computational problems along the way sounds exciting to you, drop us a line--we want to hear from you.