28 July 2022


Since the health crisis, Gen Zers are the biggest buyers of cats and dogs! And these adorable pets are becoming more and more important to the younger generation.

According to a new study from Segmanta, The Big Pet Survey 2020, pet ownership behavior and opinions around pets are changing.

Members of Gen Z are growing up, and many are entering adulthood. Their purchasing power is increasing and research shows that their buying habits are nothing like those of previous generations!

Still young adults, their consumption habits are already wellโ€”and they have a growing interest in pets.

Their pets are their new baby to them, and the relationship they have with them seems even stronger than Gen Y or Boomers. Nearly one-third of Gen Z pet-owners surveyed in the U.S. (Segmenta study) consider their pets as their own children. They never forget their birthdays and throw a party for the occasion.

The COVID-19 crisis also played a role as it showed the importance of being surrounded by pets and their calming power on us.For 92% of Gen Z pet owners, having a pet in their home would have a direct impact on their mood and decrease their stress and anxiety.

And members of Gen Z are not shy about putting out content about their animals, creating Instagram and TikTok accounts for their pets. In fact, they also tend to consume such content themselves on social media.  The internationally known channel “The Dodo” testifies to the virality of pet-related content.

Clearly, Gen Z has an even stronger relationship with their pets. Beyond being a family member, pets play a crucial role in their morale and mood.

Sound off: Does your adorable furball have a social media presence? If so, share with us! 

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Source: https://segmanta.com/blog/gen-z-ers-pet-ownership-redefined/ (Segmanta.com)

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