19 May 2022


✅ Yes, it is possible.

Dull, tired skin, pimples… the lack of sunlight and sleepless nights have an impact on our skin. But #LEDfacemasks—also known as LED #light therapy masks—make your skin glow. 💎

And this isn’t the first time the beauty industry has used technology in connected products. Anti-aging, firming & blemish reducing, this beauty tech device uses red & near-infrared LEDs (light-emitting diodes)—red, blue & yellow—to target multiple skin issues at once.

What was “salon-only” is now “available at-home.” 💯 LED face masks are quite simple to use & only take about 10 minutes. What’s more: They don’t emit UV rays & are non-invasive.

Beauty editors, influencers & celebrities around the world are loving it! ➡️ It’s the latest trend to make your #skin clearer & healthier. Just scroll through Instagram to see that Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, Madonna & Chrissy Teigen swear by their transformative effects.

📢 Brands like Silk’n | Beautiful Technology, #MZSkin, #CurrentBody & The #LightSalon have all launched rechargeable, portable & professional LED masks. Bye, bye old sheet masks!

Around for over 30 years & originally developed to help heal wounds, LED is increasingly used in #skincare. 🔎 Research has shown that LED light stimulates cell division & new cell production while repairing tissue. 💡🧬

The benefits of #lighttherapy go far beyond the surface: LED light treatments have been shown to improve mental health as well. Light therapy increases serotonin levels, boosts moods, & reduces stress. 💫

Who said you had to go to a salon to get a complete skin care treatment? Light therapy sessions are now available at home—and at a lower cost! 💙 Have you tried any yourself?

Photos: #Currentbody
Sources: Vogue / Glamour

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