11 May 2022


With spring in full bloom, flowers are everywhere on the streets of China, from florists lining luxury shopping malls to fashion brand campaigns on WeChat Moments. 🍃 While this may seem normal in many cities around the world, it’s a fresh market for China. 🌸

Ten years ago, Chinese consumers associated flowers with extravagance. However, the rise of the middle class & Millennials seeking better lifestyles has created new opportunities for florists.

High-end brands have emerged, like BEAST. and Roseonly Group, which target the gift market with decorative flower boxes, candles & small trinkets.

Flowers are no longer just a “luxury,” they are now part of the lifestyle. 💐

And other high-end experts are making an entry, such as Beijing-based florist #Florette, launched in 2013. It offers consumers a wide variety of flowers to customize, as well as weekly subscription options.

Even though flower consumption in China represents a smaller percentage than in Western countries, the flower market in China is now worth over 60 billion yuan (US$ 25.1 billion), as flowers take root in the Chinese lifestyle. According to the Report on Merger and Reorganization Opportunity Research, the Chinese flower market is forecasted to hit US$ 30.4 billion by 2023. 💎

Multi-channel retailing has also emerged in the Chinese flower market, driving the rapid growth of online flower sales. 🆙

Influencers and live streamers have made their fortune by showcasing flowers online. This is the case of Bi Xixi, a 32-year-old Chinese influencer. Where people once went to markets and florists, they are increasingly buying flowers via their smartphones. Online shopping now accounts for more than half of the industry’s turnover. 🔥

Dressed in a traditional Chinese dress called hanfu, Bi Xixi moves from stall to stall, showcasing flowers to nearly 60,000 followers. 🤳

Bi Xixi started live streaming during the pandemic. As people could no longer buy flowers outside, she realized they were eager to see them online. Now, on her “good days, ” she can sell 150,000 yuan (US$ 22.1) worth of flowers in 3 hours.

Chinese consumers’ growing appetite for flowers suggests a bright future for this blooming market! 🌼

What is your favorite flower brand? 😉

Photos: Jing Daily
Sources: Jing Daily, Daxue Consulting

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